The Fruits of our Labor: SoNet Campaign

It's finally live! We've been working our butts off these past couple months at JB Chi to create something we think is nothing short of incredible: a complete “milk box” social networking campaign. It's a little bit of Facebook, a little bit of Twitter, a little bit of blogging, a little bit of e-mailing -- and a lot of blood, sweat and tears to bring you an online campaign that is not only fun, but also donates to the World Wildlife Fund with each click!

Here's the premise: Hershey’s and Organic Valley want to spread the word about milk in single serve, shelf stable cartons, and encourage moms to hand these out as Halloween treats this October. To do so, we created custom applications on Facebook, Twitter and the Web. On the social networking sites, you can choose whether your friends deserve to receive a treat or a trick – each and every one you send is a 10 cents donation to World Wildlife Fund. And on the Web, you can upload head shots of yourself and your friends, only to have them appear atop the dancing bodies of monsters, ready to trick or treat at your friends’ doors.

Each of these apps is fun and charitable. The dancing monsters, the quirky music and the Halloween humor make these lighthearted games worth sharing with your friends. Remember: While you’re laughing at the fact your friends decided you don't deserve "treats" (only tricks!), or horrified at the sight of your face on the body of a dancing vampire, you are also helping protect the future of nature with World Wildlife Fund. So share away!!!!