SunChips' Simple, Sexy Solar Signage

I have to admit I have not always been the most environmentally conscious person, but the influx of companies stepping up to the plate to take care of our earth are inspiring me to change. Last night I caught a Ziploc commercial that touted their Evolve sandwich bags, which are made with sun power (and 25% less plastic). Then, I stumbled across this SunChips billboard, which I love:

At first glance it might not look like much, but if you look a little closer you will see this signage is created compliments of shadows -- the letters extend from the top of the billboard. Pretty genius; it's simple but ever-so creative... and all the more fitting, considering SunChips are made with the help of solar energy.

These companies are doing what they can to help the planet, and also putting some much-needed pressure on others to follow their lead. The fact they are taking the initiative to create change really does influence my perception of the company -- and makes me more inclined to buy their products. Sounds like a win-win for all, eh?

Photo courtesy of Scary Ideas: http://www.scaryideas.com/content/10675/


The JB Chicago Brush With Fame

Growing up in Indiana, the odds of seeing someone famous were slim to none. There was the time I thought I saw Reggie Miller at Marsh, and I was once at Champps when THE Payton Manning was as well, but let's be honest... those are (or in the case of Reggie, were) local athletes. It should come as no shock to anyone that Indy is not exactly the center of the celebrity world.

Well, you move to Chicago and look what happens...Today is officially the first day I met someone famous. Mind you, I use that term loosely: I got my pic taken with Vicki, reality star of The Real Housewives of the OC. Apparently she is doing some work for (or with, I'm not quite sure) some people in our building, so of course we HAD to harass her for a photo.
We crept next door to ask her for a pic, and after waiting about 20 minutes while she chatted on her phone, we finally introduced ourselves. To those that watch the show, I know you are wondering: She did not emit a single "Whoo hooo!!" She was clad in a conservative suit (shocking, considering her affinity for bling and bright colors) and was friendly without being overbearing. We refrained from asking her any questions (Did Gretchen really have a bf on the side while her fiancee was dying of cancer? Why do all your friends dress like 25-year-old strippers?) and simply told her we were fans of the show. My boss Steve, my coworker Megan and I all got in the pic, then we went on our merry way -- feeling pretty ridiculous for asking her for the picture in the first place, but certain it did not matter because we will never see her again.
So there it is; my brush with "fame." It's only uphill from here... :)
Happy weekend!


Snickers' Snacklish? Umm, I'll Stick to English, Thanks

In these tough economic times, Snickers is vying to win some new customers with their lighthearted "Snacklish" ads. Haven't seen 'em? Take a gander at this snaxi:

Kinda creative, right? They go downhill from here.

Chewniversity? Really?

Patrick Chewing... get it?

It's like they're trying to be creative -- with emphasis on the trying. The ads don't make me laugh; they make me cringe. Why? Because Snickers wants you to visit a "peanutarium." Oh, and and remember Master P? He's now "Master P-nut."

These miss the mark by a mile. I picture a bunch of older, out-of-touch execs brainstorming these phrases and thinking they are SOOO the next big thing... when I feel my eight-year-old sister could outwit them.

The only way this campaign can be saved: Employ the witticisms of customers. Though not as heavily as with the Skittles campaign, Snickers.com leans on social networking, namely Facebook. The Snickers page allows users to upload their own "Snacklish" phrase. My two cents: If they want this whole lingo thing to work, they better start combing that site for some decent phrases. Until then, I'm sticking to English.

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Point Goes to... BMW

Advertising is about getting a message out, and it's even better when that message manages to entertain its audience. The best example I have seen in a long time? These billboards, positioned on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd. in Southern California.

Audi started the war of words, posting the billboard that says "Your move, BMW" above a new A4. Rather than ignore the challenge, BMW opted to fire back with just one word: "Checkmate."

This, for the time being, ceases the fire. Point: BMW -- in a major way.

Photo courtesy of http://www.bmwblog.com/2009/04/13/billboards-war-bmw-vs-audi/


Life in the Citayyyy

I've decided it's time to move.

Though I have only been in my studio for about five months, the fact it takes an hour to get to work is a bit of a problem. Well, that coupled with the $15 taxi rides (that's $15 each way) on the weekends. Distance is proving to be a hardship... and so the search begins.

Truth be told, I really do not mind having my own place... and even though I do not live in the "in" area of the city, I think it has its own charm. There are some great hole in the wall restaurants right outside my door, the people are friendly and helpful, and my rent is affordable.
However, I want to live in an area that is a little more... fun. I am 23 and living in a big city for the first time; I want bars within walking distance (or at least closer than a 30 minute cab ride) and boutiques on my block. It's not asking too much -- and since I will be splitting the rent (as well as the utilities... yay!), it will be doable.

Yes, the move is gonna suck, especially considering the first time I did it feels like a couple weeks ago. Let's just say I'm glad my new roommate is a guy... because those couches are heavy! :)


Finger Lickin' Good (Advertising)

Time to resume this blogging business after a week-long vacation in South Carolina (where, thanks to cold/rainy weather and my pale Irish skin, I think I came back whiter than I was when I left)!

Apparently, while I was wrapped up in a blanket on the beach, the KFC Colonel was hard at work... filling in potholes.

KFC is striving to tweak its image by distinguishing its chicken as high in quality and freshness. In order to drive that point home (pun intended), the chicken company is re-freshening with streets with its "Re-freshened by KCF" campaign. The Colonel will be sent to five major cities, where he will use their advertising dollars to fill in potholes -- then stamp the KFC logo on top with non permanent street chalk.

This campaign is the first of its kind -- and I think it's great KFC is doing something good with its ad budget. Yes, it could get a little tacky if it really caught on and the streets started to resemble billboards. (And I cannot image the Olympic officials who determine the 2016 location coming to Chicago and being impressed by graffiti on the streets.) But hey, it's chalk -- and anyone who lives in Chicago knows you drive at your own risk, especially during this time of year, because potholes are everyyyywhere. If the city can't fill 'em in quickly enough and the Colonel is offering, by all means, indulge him.

Photo courtesy of http://www.sutter-group.com/index.php/blog/entry/kfc_skips_ads_fixes_potholes_instead/