Giving Thanks

I am so grateful for the holidays because every year, without fail, they help me put it allll in perspective. Thanks to a huge emphasis on family, generosity and love, the petty worries and drama fall to the wayside while I revel in how much I really have to be thankful for. And it is a lot... I have my health, a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a job AND friends and family to lean on. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, below are just some of the reasons I am giving thanks this year.

  • First and foremost, I am employed. I have friends who are not as lucky, and it highlights how layoffs and cutbacks are not so unimaginable. I am blessed to have a job and like what I do.
  • Big city that it is, I constantly see others guiding the blind toward an entrance, helping the elderly cross the street and paying for the bus fares of others here in Chicago. The kindness of strangers puts a smile on my face.
  • Two of my very best friends got engaged this year, and their happiness means the world to me.
  • I joined a supper club that is forcing me outside of my frozen pizza bubble -- as in, I have to cook. Hey, if you don't try, you never know, right? Thank God my critics are also good friends... here's to them taking it easy on me.
  • I have seven great siblings who know they can come to me for anything. Though they like to worry me with their concocted stories ("I got a drinking ticket! Don't tell mom!"), I know that despite their teenage transgressions, they are all right.
And here at JB Chi, we would also like to thank the manyyyy people who have helped us promote our campaigns this year. The Tetra Pak campaign is something we are all especially proud of having a hand in, but we could have never done it alone.

To show our thanks, we will be sending #thankafarmer tweets tomorrow to show all the hardworking farmers how much we appreciate, well, their hard work. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, please take part in this between 10 a.m. and noon. Show 'em some appreciation, people... we all need it once in a while.


Campaign Wrap Up

All good things come to an end, and in this case, we have reached the end of the road with our Tetra Pak campaign. Those of you who are my Facebook friends will be sad to hear you will no longer receive my trick or treat requests, and on Twitter, you will cease to be "tricked" or "treated" as well. I want to thank all of you for participating in this -- and so does the WWF, because each time you played our apps, this nature conservation foundation received a donation.

We also want to extend a big thank you to the many writers who featured our campaign in their blogs. Their quality posts helped us spread the message to a much larger audience than we could have done alone, and in the process, we discovered some blogs we are sure to follow -- they're nothing short of inspirational! So please, help us help them by perusing through these sites. And again, thank you... couldn't have done it without you!












Hope you had as much fun this Halloween as we did!