I Blame Drew's Cancer -- You Should Too

Every once in a while, you encounter something (or someone) that really makes an impression on you. In my case, it came from an unlikely source: Twitter. I stumbled upon Drew Olanoff, a cancer-fighter and blogger, and began reading his tweets. What followed is nothing short of inspiring.

Drew created a Twitter movement called #BlameDrewsCancer. He encouraged Twitterers to, via tweet, blame whatever was going wrong in their lives on his cancer. (Some examples: Faryl: @drew I #blamedrewscancer for Neil Patrick Harris not hosting the moon bombing. TimErnst: Wife's car had a nail in a tire this morning, $580 later, 4 new tires on Xterra. I #blamedrewscancer.) The goal? Drew hopes to have sponsors that will donate a dollar for every participant to Livestrong, his partner, when he beats his cancer.

But he didn't stop there. Drew is now in the midst of auctioning off his @drew username, and celebrities are getting in on the action. While he just hoped for a random Twitter user to step up and buy the moniker, the likes of Drew Carey have recently stepped into the ring -- in a big way. Carey has promised a one million dollar donation to the Livestrong Foundation if he reaches one million Twitter followers (at his @DrewFromTV) by midnight on December 31st. And with his current count at almost 69,000, it seems this might become a reality.

To think this all began as a result of a cancer diagnosis is nothing short of amazing. Instead of succumbing to bitterness and anger, Drew channeled his energy into something that will help others -- kindness to the max. If he can accomplish all this while going through chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma, I think the least we can do is help him out by:

• Making sure Drew Carey reach one million followers on Twitter by following him at @DrewFromTV

• Following Drew Olanoff at @drew

• Blaming your bad day on Drew's cancer (include #BlameDrewsCancer in your tweet)

• Signing up to help at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFJveWVob2Z6Q1pPWUs3RlVJaWVqc2c6MA