Doctors to Consult Google Before Resuscitating?!

As far as search engines today, Google = God. Yes, Bing is picking up speed, but we all know Google is the mainstay for the majority of people doing a search. Google can do it all: alert you via e-mail, streamline your online purchasing, search the full text of US patents... and now it's even reaching into health records. Google's latest initiative? Google Health, which allows you to organize your medical records online. (I know a line should go between these two paragraphs, but stupid blogger won't let me!)
Given the generally unorganized state of health records today, this is one addition to the Google family I know some healthcare employees will appreciate. Users can upload documents to their Google health profile, then grant access to their caregiver. This means if there was a time you were unable to give permission for something and your family was unreachable, your doctor or nurse can login and quickly get your advance directive (aka end of life wishes).

However, how comfortable would YOU be with giving Google access to such information? Google promises confidentiality, and it goes without saying submitting these documents online is not the only way someone could obtain your records, but is this simply one more way to risk the privacy of such documents? Your two cents would be appreciated... I'm still working on wrapping my head around this one.
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