I Fell Off the Blogging Wagon

A dear friend pointed out today that if I was going to include my blog URL in my e-mail sig, I should probably keep it updated. And he's right -- it's been far too long. I could go into all the reasons, but I"ll spare you. Here's a quick summary of where my head has been for the past month:

1. I moved! I am now at a more convenient location in Lincoln Park, where I'm paying less and my commute is shorter (well, by a couple minutes anyway). And now I live with three dudes, so it goes without saying every day is an adventure. Nothing like mismatched furniture, IU memorabilia everywhere and the lack of a vacuum to greet you after a long day. When moving me in my dad joked he felt he was back at his college frat house. I think he hit it spot-on.

2. My workload at JB Chicago has gone through the roof. People are loving our social media ideas, and everyone wants a piece of it. I think we have truly found our stride, and a lot of it has to do with integrating Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. into campaigns. We have some really big things coming up -- so be expecting me to share them with you via social networking.

3. I joined a fitness boot camp. And it sucks. :) Twice a week for six weeks is all it takes to get ripped, right? I had session number one Tuesday (session two is tonight!), and let's just say I have my work cut out for me. Nothing like coming in last in the timed mile...and the timed wall sits...sigh.

And here are some things I am looking forward to:

1. The changes in the social media realm. With the emergence of Facebook Lite, the additions within the Facebook we all know and love (@ messages, anyone?), and the flux in Twitter users, I think the next couple of months will be telling when it comes to long term usage and trends.

2. Hank Baskett and Kendra's arrival in Indy. I am from Naptown and make a point to visit my family and friends about once a month. I can't wait to go to a Colts game and see him play. I'm not gonna lie -- I love Hank on their E! show, and I have to admit that Kendra is annoying, but endearing. Now, cue the Peyton/Kendra rumors...

3. Fall in Chicago. Though it does not compare to summer, sweatshirt weather is a close second. Almost time to break out the sweaters and boots... I'm hoping I find some great things I forgot I owned, which is almost like shopping without spending the money.

4. Crossing some more things off my "25 before 25" list. I have less than a year to get this in motion. On the top of my list: Signing up for a writing class, reading more classics and making a trip to NY.

One more thing I should add to my list is keeping this blog updated! Consider it done -- I am making it a priority to no longer deprive my fans. :) And if you notice anything in the marketing/advertising/social media world you think needs to be covered, keep letting me know.

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  1. Wow.. you are a busy woman!!! But sounds you got all the wheels going in the right direction..I think you write really well.. I've never been to Chicago.. but I would love to visit sometime.. Boy do I need that boot camp myself.. but you're still young.. and I'm sure you'll do great.. I am excited about your Campaign at JB.. looking foward to hearing from you next week... Have a great weekend...