25 before 25

I am totally stealing this idea from my friend Jackie's blog (check it out at http://highheelhijinx.blogspot.com/), but I have to say, her thinking is pretty much in line with mine these days.

I've been working in Chicago for nearly a year now, and realizing how quickly that year went by has left me feeling somewhat nostalgic. I'm not gonna lie: I miss my friends and family a lot. I've been thinking about all of my siblings' track meets and school programs for which I am absent, as well as graduation parties, family dinners, trips to Broad Ripple and coffee gab-sessions.

Those thoughts, coupled with the fact I have friends who are either engaged or well on their way, has been enough to make me realize that time really does fly -- so it's important to (as cheesy as it sounds) live life. That said, here is the official unveiling of my 25 before 25 list:

1. Read more classics

2. Branch out in terms of my musical selection (apparently there's more to life than Snow Patrol) and get to know some oldies

3. Cook a legit meal (meaning I actually make it, not just heat it up), then serve it at a dinner party

4. REALLY grasp the concepts and uses for RSS links, backlinking, SEO, etc.

5. Start writing thank you notes

6. Take a writing class

7. Become involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters

8. Buy a gym membership

9. Learn more about car maintenance

10. Actually pay attention to the food I eat (and know the recommended amount of calories, carbs, etc. a day)

11. Make a list of birthdays so I stop forgetting them

12. Go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert

13. Help my grandpa get his golfing Web site up and running

14. Buy myself a pair of diamond earrings

15. Go back to Europe, no matter how impossible finding the time might seem

16. Move closer to the city, so my commute becomes tolerable

17. Make a conscious effort to PAY ATTENTION when traveling, thus decreasing my chances of getting lost (ok, by .5%, but beggars can't be choosers)

18. Need to consult my AP Stylebook less -- because I will be doing more writing and will know from practice

19. Travel to NY and do some serious shopping

20. Have each of my siblings visit me at least once

21. Start really doing my research when it comes to politics

22. Buy a piece of furniture at Goodwill, fix it up and actually like it

23. Plan a weekend getaway with my girls -- then follow through by going

24. Buy a good camera (and then use it)

25. Go to church more -- and because I want to, not because I feel obligated

However, I've never been too good with living by lists, so we'll see how this goes... :)

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  1. Hey Kimbo ~ love your list. I know they can look daunting but we're strong women and we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. I think I will have several crossed off my list within the next few weeks! Maybe we should try to cross one off of each of our lists together!