Can't Find a Date? There is Hope...

Ahh, the perils of dating. It seems everyone has a great story to share about that date that just shoulda never happened -- mine involved the guy renting Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and passing out on the couch about 15 minutes in. And wouldn't wake up. On the first date. Needless to say, it was also the last. Oh, and he wasn't tired, per se; he smoked himself to sleep... if you get my drift. I was not impressed. :)

If you don't have the fortune to have a story such as this in your arsenal, have no fear; I get the feeling you could gain one reallllll quickkkk if you employ the services of any of these sites. I decided it was time to unearth an oldie but a goodie with I came across this gem (I was reading articles on Mashable -- NOT looking for an online dating site, mind you!): The Most Unusual and Unique Online Dating Sites.

Stuff like this cracks me up... and after checking out some of these sites, I expect you to be laughing, too.

Darwin Dating: When you think of Darwin, you think of survival of the fittest right? Well if you feel the godforsaken need to register with this site, you better be fit -- and by fit, I mean hot. With the mantra "Online Dating Minus Ugly People," this site has some strict rules that include:

-no out of proportion noses
-no out of date fashions
-no uncared for fingernails
-no ski jump noses
-no small jaws (men)

And how about that "Are you Beautiful? Click here" button? Yes you might be beautiful, but you sure as heck are vain, too. It's called confidence in moderation, people!

Women Behind Bars: Because locked-up women need some lovin' too, this site was created to match incarcerated women with, well, free men and women. The inmates don't have access to the internet, so interested parties must find the lady of their dreams via a photo and a shirt description, pay a nominal fee and are then mailed a postal address.

As the site says (punctuation errors included), "A great many of these girls are looking to becomes brides, turning from an inmate to a bride is a dream a number of them express in letters they send with their applications." Touting 38 marriages in the past three years (but who knows when the copy was last updated!), this site is not messing around. I just love the photo they selected to be featured on the home page.

AgeMatch: If you're a young girl looking for a sugar daddy, a young man searching for a cougar or any variation of those dating preferences, hit up AgeMatch.com. Apparently age ain't nothing but a number is not applicable here -- it's the most imporant differentiator when finding a mate! The site itself is hugely outdated and pretty sparse... which is only fitting, if you think about it. ;)

ScientificMatch: If all else fails, how about using science to find love? This site will analyze your DNA to match your with likeminded individuals. And if you choose to go this route, check out some of the benefits, according to the site:

-Chances are increased that you’ll love the natural body fragrance of your matches.
-You have a greater chance of a more satisfying sex life.
-Couples tend to have higher rates of fertility.
-All other things being equal, couples have a greater chance of having healthier children with more robust immune systems.

Because that's what it's all about, right?


  1. O Kimberly..this is hilarious..LOL I once found this guy on American Singles..he was quite the character!! Maybe I should find my dad a bride through the inmate program..LOL :) this is Courtney!

  2. Too funny! Love the blog, Kimberly.