Get In or Get Lost: New(ish) SoNet Sites

I think it's pretty much a given these days that social networking is an integral part of most marketing strategies. We definitely have our strategy down as far as how to use Facebook, Twitter, viral Web, etc. to reach target audiences, but staying current can be overwhelming -- there are new sites popping up constantly. The following are some I think are worth checking out (aka I did the hard work for you), as they really can add to your company's online presence.

1. Involver. I really think this company is on to something. Many of the apps are free (but I hear that might only be temporary), and they are cool. You can bulk up your company's FB page by adding things such as coupons, a carousel-style photo gallery, Power Point presentations and polls. Obviously their premium services offer more, but jumping on these apps while they are still complimentary can really make your page stand out -- and show others you are up on the latest and greatest. Us Weekly, American Apparel, Time magazine and numerous others have already jumped onboard. I just wish you could add these to personal profiles...

Photo courtesy of www.uxrefresh.com

2. Get Satisfaction. This site is a hub where both companies and customers can interact and get some action going. Customers voice their praises/concerns/complaints, while companies are given the opportunity to address them head-on and give a personalized approach to customer service. See what people really think about the services you provide -- then take the time to show you care.

3. BzzScapes. Another way to scope out what others are saying about your company is through this site. People congregate here simply to share info about their favorite brands. Whether it be through coupons, blog posts or simply comments, users know they can get updated info on the brands they love. Companies can harness the power of this site creating relationships with top influencers -- establishing the brand advocacy we all want.

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