Resist Me, I'm Temptation

I have basically been unable to speak in fully-formed sentences this week. Why, you might ask? It's because of this website I have been promoting: tweetmeimirish.com.

Created as a promo for Axe, the site asks users to fill in these blanks: "_____ me, I'm _____" (a timely play off of "Kiss me, I'm Irish"). Well, in an effort to get the message out, I have been sending tweets to the people with the most followers on Twitter, hoping to direct them back to the site. This meant sending "Snuggle me, I'm a bunny!" to @SenJohnMcCain, "Catch me, I'm flak!" to @modzillafirefox and "Steal me, I'm a song!" to @Coldplay (ouch). The idea was great, and sending those tweets out was fun... but I beginning to notice how much it is affecting my life.

Last night while play cards, I said "End me, I'm this game" -- without thinking twice. My friends too haven been bitten by the blank-me bug; I have been getting text messages at random times, saying just "Pull me, I'm a finger!" and "Stretch me, I'm the truth!" (And trust me, that's about where the printable options end.) They in turn are asking other people, and I am no longer the only one mulling over this on the commute into work... it's spiraling out of control.

St. Paddy's Day is almost here, so that means my work on this site is coming to an end -- and my thoughts can return to things other than who should receive "Throw me, I'm a bone!" Until then, check out the site. The winner right now? "Cry for me, I'm Argentina!" However, "Fraggle me, I'm a rock" is a close second... put your skills to use and see if you can knock out the reigning champs.

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