Stella Artois: Just What is the Price of Perfection?

It pains me to write anything less than favorable about one of my favorite beers, but here it comes… I neither like nor get the Stella Artois ads. Featuring a glass of this Belgian beer with the phrase “Perfection has its price,” these billboards are currently all over Chicago. Am I the only one to find this slogan choice odd?

Some might view the ads as simply saying you too can achieve perfection, if you just buy some Stella. But my mind doesn’t go there; I think it’s almost like the product is being marketed as expensive -- something that does not appeal to the masses, especially now. And to back up this claim, the company’s tagline in the U.K. is “Reassuringly expensive." So apparently, Stella is brewed for the richer folk… but is this type of advertising really the way to go?

It seems to me these ads totally miss the mark. Truth be told, I am not a member of the wealthy set, so maybe the beer bigwigs could care less about my distain. But do these ads appeal to anyone? I think they are distasteful… which is a shame, considering the beer is far from that.

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(photo courtesy of joren.degroof, flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/jorendegroof/2397464700/)

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  1. I bumped into their tv commercial with the same slogan in an israeli website.felt the same annoying feeling about it and decided to google and check if anyone criticised it. yea..and i love stella .