Svedka Sucks

There's another ad campaign currently plastered all over the bus stops and billboard of Chicago that I am not lovin': that for Svedka vodka. Case en point numero uno:

Not enough? Here's another:

OK, OK... I get it... sex sells. If this were a woman (and not a fembot composed of simply, well, big boobs and long legs), this ad would be a blatant but boring example of that school of thought. But since it IS a fembot, does that change? In my (ever-so-humble) opinion, no. It is simply a hot girl (er, you know) hawking a product -- if you're gonna come from that 100% unoriginal angle, at least use some subtlety!

Per their advertising, Svedka is trying to take the lead as the "vodka of 2033" -- but really, what does that even mean? If so, the future is looking bleak, considering it will hold subservient trophy wives made of titanium. True, you can argue this campaign worked since it has me talking... but trust me when I say I will not be buying Svedka any time soon.

Call me crazy, but what about getting people talking about how innovate/creative/fun their ads are (see Pepsi blog post)? Trust me, I have a sense of humor and can appreciate vulgarity, but I think these ads completely miss the mark. I mean, at least make them funny, over the top or meaningful. As is, they are simply lame.

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