Life in the Citayyyy

I've decided it's time to move.

Though I have only been in my studio for about five months, the fact it takes an hour to get to work is a bit of a problem. Well, that coupled with the $15 taxi rides (that's $15 each way) on the weekends. Distance is proving to be a hardship... and so the search begins.

Truth be told, I really do not mind having my own place... and even though I do not live in the "in" area of the city, I think it has its own charm. There are some great hole in the wall restaurants right outside my door, the people are friendly and helpful, and my rent is affordable.
However, I want to live in an area that is a little more... fun. I am 23 and living in a big city for the first time; I want bars within walking distance (or at least closer than a 30 minute cab ride) and boutiques on my block. It's not asking too much -- and since I will be splitting the rent (as well as the utilities... yay!), it will be doable.

Yes, the move is gonna suck, especially considering the first time I did it feels like a couple weeks ago. Let's just say I'm glad my new roommate is a guy... because those couches are heavy! :)

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