Finger Lickin' Good (Advertising)

Time to resume this blogging business after a week-long vacation in South Carolina (where, thanks to cold/rainy weather and my pale Irish skin, I think I came back whiter than I was when I left)!

Apparently, while I was wrapped up in a blanket on the beach, the KFC Colonel was hard at work... filling in potholes.

KFC is striving to tweak its image by distinguishing its chicken as high in quality and freshness. In order to drive that point home (pun intended), the chicken company is re-freshening with streets with its "Re-freshened by KCF" campaign. The Colonel will be sent to five major cities, where he will use their advertising dollars to fill in potholes -- then stamp the KFC logo on top with non permanent street chalk.

This campaign is the first of its kind -- and I think it's great KFC is doing something good with its ad budget. Yes, it could get a little tacky if it really caught on and the streets started to resemble billboards. (And I cannot image the Olympic officials who determine the 2016 location coming to Chicago and being impressed by graffiti on the streets.) But hey, it's chalk -- and anyone who lives in Chicago knows you drive at your own risk, especially during this time of year, because potholes are everyyyywhere. If the city can't fill 'em in quickly enough and the Colonel is offering, by all means, indulge him.

Photo courtesy of http://www.sutter-group.com/index.php/blog/entry/kfc_skips_ads_fixes_potholes_instead/

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