MJ Died -- And Thanks to Burger King, So Did Subtlety

Image courtesy of http://gawker.com/5301856/burger-king-shuns-subtlety-in-ads-for-super-seven-incher-sandwich

The awe-struck woman with an open mouth... the large, oblong sandwich situated directly in front of that open mouth... ohh, and lest we forget the ever so creative use of the word "blow"? Hmm, I wonder what Burger King is hinting at here?

In case you can't read the fine print, there is also use tasteful use of "Fill your desire for something long, juicy and grilled," "yourn for more" and "mind-blowing." Those ad execs must have scoured the pages of Cosmo in order to get this verbage... and no, that's not a compliment.

Yes, this ad will definitely get people talking... but will it make us (read: women) want to order up a "seven-incher"? Hell nawwww.

Burger King, with this ad you have been officially dethroned.


  1. Awesome blog! In the spirit of not being subtle, BK sucks at it as you clearly point out. Good to see you call them out on resorting to using sex to sell rather than think outside the bun...uh box, and be creative.

  2. hahah well said, Kim.

  3. Adding to what you've already said, (sex to sell a flippin' sandwich??? Come on, BK.) it's no wonder Americans are so fat. Seriously, look at the size and content of that sandwich! Ewww.....but great job on the blogging, Kimbo! xo, Mrs. T.