Bringing the Week to a Close...

Well folks, it's the weekend. It has been a busy week at JB, and it's cool to see everyone here really embracing social media. Our graphic designers have had fun working on their blog (shameless plug #1: http://www.cuttothepaste.blogspot.com/), and JB's own director of communcations now has hers up and running (shameless plug #2: http://thehealthcaremarketinggirl.blogspot.com/).

Considering it's 4:22 on a Friday afternoon, you can't expect anything too groundbreaking or insightful... so instead, I am going to close the week out with some links to marketing-related sites I think are worth checking out (trust me, they're cool):

1. Creative, funny ads from around the world: http://www.hemmy.net/2006/10/15/creative-advertisements-around-the-world/

2. Benches like you have never seen (or sat on) before: http://illusion.scene360.com/?p=1084

3. And, well, because it's Friday and I feel like throwing something random in the mix (completely unrelated to marketing but compliments of StumbleUpon -- love it!): http://www.thatwasfunny.com/hand-painting/1082

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