Social Media: There's No Escaping It!

Today's topic: Social media.

Sure, most people already have a Facebook account, and eight out of 10 of them are probably using it to reunite with their first grade crush and their cousin's uncle's brother. You can also (creepily) view your ex's vacation photos, read 25 interesting facts about someone you took a class with four years ago, and even become privy to the fact someone you met once is posting statuses that offer wayyyy too much information (Jessica is "snotty and congested.").

But many business-minded people are realizing the huge capabilities these mediums (and not just Facebook -- we're talking Twitter, StumbleUpon and more) have in terms of getting their company's message out there. These forums have millions of users -- can we say free (and effective) billboards?

Here at JB Chicago, we think we are somewhat ahead of the curve when it comes to using social media to promote our vision. Though we don't have all the answers, we are working our derierres off to figure out the process (and iron out some of the kinks).

So please, check out our hugeeeee labor of love. It's around 50 slides of blood, sweat and tears... that we are giving you for free: http://www.jbchicago.blogspot.com/

And while you're at it, breeze your way through this presentation (from mzkagan on SlideShare.net) as well: http://www.slideshare.net/mzkagan/what-the-fk-social-media. The stats it provides alone will convince even the biggest skeptics that social media really is the new way of the world.

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