Friday's Top Four List

So I said from the beginning this blog would not just be about marketing – gotta throw some additional info in here to add some personality and spice! Continuing with the Friday trend of making lists of things I am currently diggin’, here is a hodgepodge of websites, restaurants and stores this marketing newbie likes:

1. Gofugyourself.com. This site stands out thanks to two really good writers. They combine satire with fashion by making fun of some unfortunate (celebrity) wardrobe choices. You will swear they took the thoughts right out of your head (but made them much more eloquent before writing them!).
2. Fark.com. It pulls offbeat stories from some of the major newswires, then tags them for you with words like “amusing,” “asinine” and “weird.” After you get your top headlines for the day, reading a couple of stories from FARK will, well, do nothing to reaffirm your belief in humanity – but it WILL make you laugh.
3. A Taste of Lebanon. Some friends and I found this restaurant a couple weeks ago, and thanks to its great food and even greater prices (er, as in it’s cheap), I have been back an embarrassing amount of times for their chicken shawarma wrap and hummus. Though it is a complete hole in the wall (not diggin’ their Christmas tree-ish border, or the sink smack-dab in the middle of the establishment), low and behold, it has been voted one of Chicago’s best restaurants in the past. It’s good, cheap AND I don’t have to cook? No-brainer.
4. Hopleaf. I LOVE this restaurant/bar. Their raspberry beer (they have a range of beers you have never heard of but will soon love) keeps me coming back, and their food is quite delish. Reservations are a must, but that does not mean you will be seated right away… If you come, be prepared to wait a while. But while you are waiting, by all means, have a raspberry beer.

Andddd, that’s all I got. Have a great weekend!

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