A Quick Vent

I have been using public transportation for about two and a half months now. In Indy a car was my main method of getting around, and, directionally-challenged person that I am, the whole "red line," "brown line," "purple line" was hugely intimidating at first.
I'm not going to pretend like I have it down, but I can proudly report I know how to get to and from work a couple different ways. (If you are directionally-impaired, you will understand what a feat this is.) And since my commute is so long, I have lots of time to... sit there. In the hours I have spent observing, I have noticed some things that drive me absolutely crazy. Here goes...

1. If you are listening to an iPod, by all means, make sure it is turned down to a normal decibel. I STILL have Britney Spears' "Womanizer" in my head, thanks to someone on my bus this morning who was blaring it. Mind you, I was in the front of the bus, and she was in the back. She played it on repeat, which made me wonder: did something happen with a guy treating her badly recently? Did she get cheated on? What went down? Unless you want others hypothesizing about your personal life (and getting hugely irritated they are forced to listen to your new anthem), keep it down!

2. Yes, the bus/train is packed -- but try to retain some sense of personal space when it's doable. The girl who sat next to me on the bus today was all up in my grill. She elbowed me each time she turned the page of her Red Eye, and she repositioned every 8.5 seconds, also knocking into me in the process. You have your seat, and I have mine. Please stay there.

3. This should actually be number one: Give your seat up to the elderly. Yes, you might sometimes feel bad and think they will get offended if they are in that "not too old but old enough to make you question" range. My philosophy? Don't err on the side of caution and offer up your seat. It's simply common courtesy.

4. Finally, MOVE BACK! There's nothing worse than a morning when you are already running late, only to have a bus sail by because it's "too full." However, as it is zooming by, you notice the open gaps toward the rear. Next time you are onboard, remember those mornings... and scoot back to make room for those panicking they will have to sneak in after clock-in time.

OK, so maybe I'm ready for the weekend... upon reflection, this makes me sound like a cranky old woman. Most of the time my commute goes smoothly (minus the time a drunk guy fell on top of me -- that's a whole other story), and to be honest, not having to deal with parking, getting gas and all that can be nice. I know I cannot change the world (or make someee people learn manners!), but for what it's worth, that's my rant. :) TGIF.

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